Composition No. 10


Photography // Stefan Kokovic

Model // Aila represented by Stella Models

Makeup // Melanie Zickl using MAC cosmetics

Styling // Jon-Eric Hegemann

Clothes // MILK, Karl Michael, Michel Mayer

Coline-Marie Orliac – Music, Fashion, Glamour and Style

It was one of those late summer days. We were a bit early and already sat enjoying the warm breeze when I heard the confident and steady sound of heels on the cobblestones. It is not a common sound in today’s Vienna and turning around I saw Coline, confidently navigating through the tables coming towards us. Immediately one could see her passionate and sparkling personality through her eyes as she gave us la bise and told us how happy she was to finally meet us.

Being an outstanding, upcoming young musician in the classical music scene, I have heard from her and given my love for Chopin I was more than eager to meet her.

Growing up, Coline-Marie Orliac was getting in touch with music at the age of 5. By the age of 7, Elizabeth Fontan Binoche started training her at the harp, the instrument the would later on bring her to study in Marseille, Paris and Philadelphia and enter the music scene of New York.


Her other passion next to music that gives her eyes little sparkles is fashion. Growing up in France with the love for the beauty of music, Coline believes that there is more to it than to play an instrument. For her, honouring the instrument, the artform and the institution of classical music itself, fashion is as much a part of a performance as the music. Her love for Couture brought her to working together with the Israeli fashion house Galia Lahav, known for its modern and young interpretation of couture.

Combining the pieces of couturiers all over the world with classical music is dear to Colin’s heart. Not only does she want her audience to fall in love with the music but also with the scenery on stage and to give them a feast for their eyes and ears.
No matter if we were talking about her regretting not to have learned the German language when she had the chance as a child, her love for Italy and her life in the New York music scene, we were always drawn back to Fashion.


Just as she talked about her upcoming wedding to the Italian opera singer Stefano Marra, her eyes light up just a little bit more…


Photography / Stefan Kokovic

Hair and Makeup / Melanie Zickl

Dress / Erika Suess

La Française à Berlin – Aurelia Paumelle

Paris and Berlin are two cities that, at first, seem like the oddest combination one could imagine. On the one hand the capital of Haute Couture, effortless elegance and bourgeois lifestyle, on the other hand, Berlin, known for its coolness and, maybe even more, for its roughness,  the centre of experimental art and the birthplace of the hipster. The French-born designer Aurelia Paumelle has her Boutique in the heart of Berlin’s arts scene – Kreuzberg.


Meeting Aurelia Paumelle in Vienna’s Café Français, I realized that there might be nobody that embodies the spirit of Berlin and the elegance of France like her.

Growing up in the Normandie, Aurelia moved to Paris to study at Paris’ Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture and work in the couture ateliers of Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano and Balenciaga. Launching her eponymous label in 2011 with a line of T-Shirts, she quickly made herself a name in the Berlin art scene where she started to collaborate with DJs and artists, for example for her “Fashion Art” collection.
Aurelia Paumelle’s minimalistic and elegant approach towards menswear embodies her impeccable tailoring skills and high focus on cuts and highest quality show her long training and success in the couture department.


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